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  Reading Faces to Understand People 

 A Very Old Skill with Many Versions


Aristotle had one of the first known system for understanding faces. Since then the skills have been rediscovered many times during the past 4000 years.


From a Judge's Courtroom -- A Modern Version

It was created by Judge Edward Vincent Jones. After watching thousands people in his courtroom for many years, he found he could reliably predict their personality, behavior and innate abilities from their facial features. These were not expressions and gestures but basic hereditary structures and shapes. He was so fascinated by this knowledge that he maintained detailed records. From this mass of knowledge he realized he had documented a new science.


Proving the System

Jones shared his discovery and his records with Robert Whiteside, a newspaper editor. Whiteside was impressed with the accuracy, and immediately saw the value of Jones's work for real human situations. Whiteside set up detailed tests with a group of a 1050 adults -- enough to get an accurate statistical validation.  The result -- 92% accuracy.


  Facial Features Can't Cheat

  The accuracy is astonishing. In written tests for personality, and career aptitude, e.g. Meyers Briggs, there is a tendency to bias answers toward the result you're hoping for. But with facial features there are no questions asked, and no handwriting sample required. You couldn't cheat if you tried. This is why the information is so valuable, and accurate for career selection, sales, management, customer relations, counseling, coaching, team building, marriage,  relationships, family problems, etc.  



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The Most Practical Use of Personology

The system we use applies across all cultures and is the most accurate face reading system used today. The initial research was conducted on over 10,000 people in the 1940’s. Further studies were made from 1950 to 1970 on 1068 subjects. They found 92% accuracy for personality assessments, 94%for career suggestions, and 89% for improving relationships.

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