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We all read faces from the moment we meet someone.  We search the face for clues that will help us better understand the person we are speaking with. The face serves as GPS to our inner blueprint. This blueprint gives us clues about our own personality including our innate strengths and challenges
Face Pattern Recognition is a valuable tool that will help you immediately recognize some of the key traits that are seen in the face. Traits that will help you better understand the strengths and challenges within your relationship.  Understanding your own traits and those of your partner, or the person you are dating, is the first step toward creating a meaningful relationship.
My book includes sketches and photo’s for each of the traits.  It will help you to better understand and communicate with your partner.  It gives you a “heads up” about what to expect.  This would also apply to the people you meet and work with.  It is well researched and applies across all cultures   .Buy Now

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What Makes People Tick & Why 
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Face Reading...  


      Can Expand Your Career and Personal Life


When you understand people.... then it is easy to negotiate, persuade, or help them solve their problems, or whatever the situation requires. But many of us can only guess at what makes people tick, or why.

Gaining valuable insight  You don't have to be a psychologist or a counselor. You don't have to ask people to take a Myers Briggs test, provide a specimen of their handwriting or let you to examine their palms.  The answers are staring  us in the face! There are proven secrets to reading the facial features that give you immediate insight  .Read more about personology

Can you distinguish simple features? If so, you can learn more about a person from a careful look than a psychologist or counselor might learn in many sessions.     Read excerpt from book

Personality and behavior are closely linked.  They are linked to facial features by our DNA. Recognizing these features, and especially groups of them, predicts accurately how we and our coworkers, families, partners, customers and bosses will behave.  Read more about personology

What Makes People Tick & Why is more than mere self improvement book. It is about understanding other people as well as yourself.  Many people take on one self improvement project after another. They must expect one day to look in the mirror and see a perfect reflection. But they are missing the point -- pure self improvement and self understanding are for hermits. The rest of us have to deal with regular people every day -- and they are the ones we need to understand to get things done successfully. 

We are all well intentioned and motivated to get things done and get problems solved. It is lack of information about other people that often leaves us wondering where to start.


Never again be at a loss to tackle a people problem. When you understand a person's thinking style, their mood swings, whether they are helpers or organizers, etc., it is so much easier to pick areas where you can proceed with confidence and make progress, and areas to tread lightly.      Read another excerpt from book

A Career Change

The most invigorating thing you can do.  

New excitement, new people, new challenges, and new rewards..

 But what if you don't know what career direction to take? You have taken career counseling, Myers-Briggs, DISC and other written tests. But they did not help. That's because they don't understand what makes you tick. To seek the perfect career for you click here


Naomi Tickle is a Professional Speaker and a practicing Certified Personologist. Her consultations, talks and workshops have so inspired people that she has decided to share this experience in her new book "What Makes People Tick and Why"

The presentation was just wonderfully insightful and for me so much easier to comprehend and quicker to utilize than anything such as the DISC (similar to Myers Briggs) personality profiling. J.W.

I had the book "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell and he talked about Paul Ekman and how facial expression will tell about the person. So I bought his "Telling Lies, Emotions Revealed and Unmasking the Face" from Amazon. Since I had bought these books they said that I would like your "You Can Read a Face Like a Book".  Then I bought your book and it was the best of the lot.   Thanks, Marvin .M

"Thank you for such an intriguing and illuminating workshop. It was fascinating to hear about the different traits that can be found in our face  and to see them illustrated by willing volunteers from the group. Everyone's interest and enthusiasm was palpable. Your accurate analysis of our features was stunning! I learnt so much that I can use when working with my own clients  thank you!" A. Richards.
Naomi Tickle is the leader in putting ideas into practice.. She has authored "It's All in the Face", "You Can Read a Face Like a Book", "Closing the Sale" and "What Make People Tick & Why".  Her style is straight talking, plain English with practical information on every page. For many years she has provided training for certified personologists, and organized regular workshops for ATT.  She is also a busy professional speaker. Speaking Engagements Naomi, I am now dating Jack. Your information (that is so accurate) is immensely helpful for me. Jack is unlike anyone else that I have spent time with. For me to have insight on his character allows me to be at peace with the dynamics of our friendship.

What Makes People Tick & Why 

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What Makes People Tick & Why  has over 140 sketches and photos to explain facial features and personality traits. But the book takes you beyond the mere words and images to savoring the experience of having these traits. Part of the research for this book was to interview hundreds of people to find out how it feels to have a particular trait -- something you would never otherwise know.  In addition to that there are stories and incidents about trait driven behavior, and resolving a situation by knowing what made a person tick. 

Find out what makes YOU tick, & Why

    Personology in Action

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This is a new edition of the current book. Over 40 photographs and some additional traits have been added.  There is a new section at the end of each trait that covers Relationships, Sales, Children and Career suggestions.     

I listened to the tape with my husband yesterday evening, and he was speechless too....   Dorothee -
I was very amazed that you read my face so precisely although I've got an Asian face and Asian culture. Today, I wanted to inform you that I received the post, you read my face correctly.  S. O.

Both my wife and I were profoundly impressed with the quality, precision and accuracy of your profile of me. Your tape was superbly diplomatic and charming in the way you see me with my more challenging traits. Your comments throughout were very constructive. They gave me a greater understanding of myself, and they have cleared some of the "fog" surrounding my thoughts for the future.

"If only I had met you years ago, it would have saved me an enormous amount of time and money. At long last I am in a career I really enjoy. Thank you." John Knudson.

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