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What Makes People Tick & Why

by Naomi Tickle

I had the book “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell and he talked about Paul Ekman and how facial expression will tell about the person. So I bought his ” Telling Lies, Emotions Revealed and Unmasking the Face” from Amazon. Since I had bought these books they said that I would like your ” You Can Read a Face Like a Book”. Then I bought your book and it was the best of the lot. Thanks, Marvin M

Naomi, I am now dating Jack. Your information (that is so accurate) is immensely helpful for me. Jack is unlike anyone else that I have spent time with. For me to have insight on his character allows me to be at peace with the dynamics of our friendship.

The presentation was just wonderfully insightful and for me so much easier to comprehend and quicker to utilize than anything such as the DISC (similar to Myers Briggs) personality profiling.


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