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Meet Naomi Tickle

Leading Personologist / Face Reading Expert since 1995

Naomi Tickle is a world renowned speaker and career consultant. She has appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC and numerous radio shows world-wide. She has been featured in major newspapers and magazines in England and the United States.

She helps people find a career that ignites their passion. They have found her insights to be extremely valuable, validating much of what they already know. Naomi sees this approach to understanding human behavior as another tool we can use to bring balance into our lives. It often answers the question we ask ourselves “Who am I? What is my life’s purpose?”

Her workshops have been presented at Norwich University. IBM, ATT, National Semiconductor and a variety of organizations with diverse interests. Her books, You Can Read a Face Like a Book, and Closing the Sale, are used as a tools for sales, communications, understanding children, relationships, customer service, team building, career guidance and personal development….

To book Naomi for your next event call: (001) 707-769-0290. Or e-mail

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