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Career Analysis

Difficulty Choosing A New Career?

You have had career counseling, Myers-Briggs, and other written tests (which have worked well for some), but for you, they scored a blank?

Or you have tried different careers, and none of them excited you?

Our Career Assessments match up your innate talents and abilities with careers that need them.

Group of People

Does your career ignite the spark within?

If you are miscast in your career, then by striving to advance, you are playing a role that does not suit you. You are perpetuating the misfit. And you wonder why you are frustrated!

Time for a change?

To new excitement, new people, new challenges, and new rewards. But what if you don't know what career direction to take? You have taken career counseling, Myers-Briggs, and other written tests (which have worked well for some people). But for you, they scored a blank. That's because they don't understand what makes you tick.

Get to the heart of the matter

The muscular Clydesdale can no more run the Grand National than the finely built racehorse can pull heavy loads all day. But give them the right job, and they will both excel. Sometimes a career problem is just that simple once you see the answer. You need a more incisive test...

Life is too short for just another job

Have you ever considered how much of your time your job takes? If you include getting ready for work, traveling to work, the time actually at work, the time to travel home, and once there, unwinding from work -- then there is precious little time left to call your own. Add to that the times when thoughts and frustrations about work intrude on that time, and you are sometimes never free from work. So if your present career does not inspire you, then how much effort would you make to find one that did?

Change to a career that ignites your passion

When you cannot wait to start the day's work, when each day has its own excitement and satisfaction, when thinking happily about work at home -- then you are in the right career.

"My career chart arrived today. Thanks a lot -- just listening to the CD now. I only wish someone had told me all this about myself a couple of decades ago!"
—John W

"Naomi really knows her craft. She read my face and the results came back with incredible accuracy. As The Prospect Profiler™, I have great respect for her marvelous ability."
—Rosey Dowe

"Dear Naomi, From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you for a most enlightening and validating session. Your detail and accuracy were so impressive. I was absolutely awestruck by the process! If only we had crossed paths sooner ...."Where have you been all my life?! Please don't ever stop this wonderful life-altering skill of yours! Thank you, Thank you." 
—B Davidson.

"Thank you, your insight has really helped me to make a decision . It confirms the way I feel about my struggle with teaching. I have thought more about doing another MSc and going into consultancy work, which will involve project management I think you have just made my mind up! Also, it has always been my ambition to write a children's story book, so I shall stop making this an ambition and start getting on with it! Thanks again." 
Karen Riley

"My career chart arrived today.. Thanks a lot -- just listening to the CD now. I only wish someone had told me all this about myself a couple of decades ago!" 
—John W

Find a Career that Excites You!

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