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The History of Reading Faces

Face reading goes by many names, including personology and physiognomy. The practice dates back to millennia ago; in fact, Aristotle developed one of the first known systems for reading faces. His techniques have been rediscovered many times during the past 4000 years.

From a Judge’s Courtroom—A Modern Version

The modern form of face reading I practice began in a judge's courtroom decades ago. Judge Edward Vincent Jones watched thousands of people in his Los Angeles courtroom for years. Eventually, he found that he could reliably predict their personality, behavior, and innate abilities from their facial features. These were not expressions, emotions, or gestures but basic hereditary structures and shapes of the faces. He was so fascinated by this knowledge that he maintained detailed records. From this mass of knowledge, he documented a new science that is still used today.

Young Woman's Face

Proving the System

Jones shared his discovery and records with Robert Whiteside, a newspaper editor. He was impressed with the accuracy, and immediately saw the value of Jones's work for real human situations. Whiteside set up detailed tests with a group of 1050 adults, enough to get an accurate statistical validation. The result—92% accuracy.