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Naomi Tickle Speaks

Naomi Tickle is a world renowned speaker and career consultant. She has appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC and numerous radio shows world-wide. She has been featured in major newspapers and magazines in England and the United States.

She helps people find a career that ignites their passion. They have found her insights to be extremely valuable, validating much of what they already know. Naomi sees this approach to understanding human behavior as another tool we can use to bring balance into our lives. It often answers the question we ask ourselves “Who am I? What is my life’s purpose?”

Her workshops have been presented at Norwich University. IBM, ATT, National Semiconductor and a variety of organizations with diverse interests. Her books, You Can Read a Face Like a Book, and Closing the Sale, are used as a tools for sales, communications, understanding children, relationships, customer service, team building, career guidance and personal development.

Order What Makes People Tick and Why

What Makes People Tick & Why by Naomi Tickle I had the book "Blink" by…

The secret is the audience is involved from the very beginning. The excitement grows as Naomi scans the room for faces to demonstrate the trait she is explaining. Skeptics abound. Everybody knows who they are. But to everyone’s delight Naomi successfully identifies them from across the room.

This is not just showmanship. People unfamiliar with the workings of personology are naturally skeptical. It is the quickest way to demonstrate to them the effectiveness of personology, so that they can follow the rest of the workshop with enthusiasm, rather than question everything.

As the Powerpoint presentation of photographs and sketches continues, more people in the audience are identified to demonstrate recognizable character traits. It becomes quite clear that there is no magic, no psychic power, and no special gifts involved. It is about simple practical information that anyone can learn and use. This information is so valuable that everything demonstrated in her talks and workshops is described in detail in her latest book “What Makes People Tick & Why”.

If you are not already convinced, or are even the least bit skeptical, about the science of personology then you will enjoy an objective and convincing presentation by Naomi Tickle. Attendees will leave with information of lasting value, and know how to use it in their business and personal lives. (learn more)

The talks and workshops can be oriented to the interests of your organization. Previous events have focused on Customer Relations, Human Resources, Closing the Sale, Communications, Personal Development, and Relationships depending on the interests of your organization.

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