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Relationship Profile

How well do we know each other? 

What problems should we expect if we move in together?

Don’t leave it to fate; check out your date.

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With the high divorce rate and the break up of relationships, why leave it to guesswork to see if you are compatible? We all have challenges, and the more we are aware of how those challenges affect relationships, the higher the chances the relationship will work out.

It’s what we do about our challenges that will make the difference. If you care enough for your partner, order a relationship profile. It will give you a "heads up" about what to expect.

A Relationship Profile will:

  • Identify the Strengths that make the relationship resonate.
  • Identify the Challenges that may create the rough spots.
  • How to better understand your own traits and those of your partner. Creating a better understanding and style of communication
  • Takes out the guesswork as to whether you are compatible or not. Why leave it to fate, check out your date. The Relationship Profile will give you a "heads up" about what to expect. Knowing more about the person you are dating, avoids much of the disappointment and takes out the guesswork.

How to better understand your own traits and those of your partner. Creating a better understanding and style of communication.

The couples I have worked with have expressed how much the profiles have helped them. Why leave it to guesswork when you could get a "heads up" before making the commitment of living together.

"Prior to receiving the tape, I had said some profoundly unkind things to my oldest daughter. Things I now seriously regret. I could see how my traits were really effecting how it was affecting our relationship. Once listening to the tape, I am pleased to report that my daughter and I have re-established our love and respect for each other. Thank you Naomi Tickle. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful material you have sent me." 
—Group Captain RAF.

"Hi Naomi, I am now dating Jack. Your information (that is so accurate) is immensely helpful for me. Jack is unlike anyone else that I have spent time with. For me to have insight on his character allows me to be at peace with the dynamics of our friendship.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to Michael’s tape. I think all couples should have readings and listen to each other’s tapes for better understand each other. I see such potential in working with couples who have this knowledge – to help them in supporting their partner in following innate strengths and minimizing frustration around differences!"
—Emily Bouchard.

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Relationship Profile $150 for one person

Relationship Profile $250 for a couple
includes a personalized CD
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Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account or call (707) 769-0290.

For each partner, please send one full face photo and one of each side profile, all with the forehead and ears completely exposed. Also, one of the hands with the palms facing the camera. Fingers together and knuckles straight. The thumb must be straight and resting against the index finger. Send the photos is a jpg file (preferably reduced for sending by email).